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Supporting A Family Facing Cancer

Supporting a Family Facing Cancer

Whether you know someone who has a child recently diagnosed with cancer or are looking for a way to corral resources or direct help, here are a couple of great resources.

What can I do?

House cleaning

Children with cancer are extremely vulnerable to illness and need a clean and germ free environment. Overwhelmed caregivers rarely have the time or energy to spend much time deep cleaning. Regular assistance or a donation of house cleaning services are always much appreciated

Angie’s List

Meal Services and Grocery Delivery

Any daily chores that don’t need to be thought of is one less burden on a family, the following resources make meals and meal planning easy!

Take Them A Meal 

Care Calendar 


Wish Organizations

Make A Wish

A Week Away

Believe in Tomorrow 

Starlight Starbright

Chai Lifeline

Transportation Support

Alex’s Lemonade Stand

Road to Recovery

Leukemia and Lymphoma Society

National Travel Helpline

Financial Assistance

National Children’s Cancer Society

Friend’s of Scott

Stupid Cancer

Live Like Bella Foundation

Linked With Liam

Cancer Care


Fitzgerald Cancer Fund


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